Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Graduation and Job Seeking.

I have graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design or RMCAD. I have also got my website up and running, and it can be found here. I think the design is ok, but I still will be going back a tweaking it a bit before i'm truly happy with it. I want it to be a but more interactive and a little easier to update and read from one browser to the next.

And since I no longer need to be in school I have begun to actively pursue jobs both on monster.com and linkedin.com. So far I have found a couple jobs but I will need to wait and see on them.

In the next coming days I will be updateing not only my deviant gallery, but my online portfolio as well. I'll also be printing out various copies of my portfolio start sending them out, finish the two paintings that I have, take photos of all my ceramic and sculpy artwork, start selling some of my art on ebay. I'm hoping once all of this is done i can work on the website and on the children's book that I have been writing

my goal for this year is to not only find a good job, but to try and get this children's book out to publishers, and update all the sites and such at least once a week.....will see how that goes.

I wish all well and have a creative life