Monday, August 20, 2012

My latest digital piece is an underwater picture. I have never really been given the opourtunity to create a piece of art that is underwater themed before so I decided to create my own. I choose the Hippocamp as the subject because I am familiar enough with horse anatomy and when starting something new it is always nice to have a little something that your familiar with. Done digitally with photoshop cs3.

critiques are more than welcome.

and from the prompt challange I have the following:
Turning point in my life. That would be when I went and saw Fellowship of the Ring in theatres. This was a book that I had just read and fallen in love with. Tolkien and his writing is amazing. I had many doubts as to what the film would be like and if it would live up to my expectations. The movie blew me away [still wish it had Bombadill] I wanted to be one of the many behind such a masterpiece. So I began to look at art as more than doodling in my mathbook and something that I could do and be happy about for the rest of my life.

Favorite Cady:
Licorice and dark chocolate. But I love trying and finding different brands of Black Licorice.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inspiration Series

I started this Inspiration Series. Its a way to challenge myself and to pay homage to the people, books, movies, or things that have inspired me over the years.

The first image that I did was the Tim Burton portrait that was done in pen and ink.
This second image is Walt Disney done in the mickey logo. This man is an amazing inspiration, because he took a dream and created one hell of an empire.

I created this by making a brush out of the mickey logo and changing the flow level. After that it was hundreds of clicks with the right color in the right place. Based off of a photo found in google image search.