Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Disney Villians

This was done last year for another art collaboration entitles 'Disney Villians' I had a lot of fun with this piece trying to find the right look for the character. I mean how can one not like a villian that is both evil, still cries out for his mommy and sucks his thumb?here is Prince John 

I love doing these type of things because i get a chance to work with fellow artists and i get a chance to do fun stuff in between work stuff. Disney Villian Collab.

Keep an eye out in the following weeks because by my 25th birthday I should have a whole new set of portolio pieces if not a portfolio to display. I will also have my website up dammit even if it kills me. Ohh and is anyone interested in seeing my daily sketchs? is so let me know and i'll start posting them. Thanks  and have a great day.

Ohh p.s. I have a twitter account now....twitter account