Saturday, June 30, 2012

Denver Comic Con 2012

So my sister, father, and I went to the Denver Comic Con held this year at the Colorado Convention Center. It was my first con and from the start it was an awesome day.
We bought our tickets online before the con opened and picked up our wristbands that sunday morning. [we went sunday so that it didn't interfer with the different schedules]
the poster work was amazing and while I dont know who the artist was they get lots of kudos from me.
Upon entering the art room I was amazed by the space and the amount of people that were already walking around in awesome costumes. The first thing that I saw were the cars that I now would like to own.

after drooling over the cars I went in search of Katie Cook who is the awesome artist of the gronk comic and who should be given much love, bacon, and her favorite drink. I checked out her table and because I forgot to pre-plan I went in search of an atm to get much awesome stuff.
After getting some money from the atm [stupid fees] I went and listened to a panel giving about animation for Disney and Cartoon Network [Info here]
That panel has lit a fire under me and I have been creating and coming up with many new stuff that I hope to share soon.
I went back up into the dealer room and got the last Gronk Book and walked around.
I saw Tom Kane and was going to get into line to get an autograph and be able to talk to the voice of yoda but he was walking away and I never saw him return.
I was able to visit the star wars area of the con which was fun but slightly confusing because my phone is the r2d2 droid so when ever r2 made noise I thought my phone was going off. 

While near the star wars area I ran into to of my friends who I ended up walking around with the con and seeing amazing stuff and buying some autograph batwoman comics. After awhile they went down to see another panel and knowing that my ride would soon have to leave I went in search of other awesome things to get. I ended up getting a signed Neil Gaiman print and Habibi book from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
 I managed to take a panoramic picture of the con from one side of the artist and vender room.
warning its a really big and long file.

Before we left and as we were walking through the crowds looking at the great costumes and the last of the vendors I almost ran right into the Captain and Snippy and Engie from one of the greatest online comics ever RA.

ZEE CAPTAIN ZEE CAPTAIN. These costumes were frickin amazing!