Thursday, April 26, 2012

Illustration Friday-Heights

So I started off with a digital piece, and then while I was doing the 1/2 day at work yesterday I had enough down time to sketch in my little sketchbook. And I ended up liking this sketch more than the digital piece. Its not that I dont like the digital piece, but it has a lot of perspective that it throwing me off [one of the few things that i didn't/dont like about my school was that their was no perspective class.] so I ended up submitting the pen drawing I did, not the digital. Here is were I am in the digital and would love feedback on it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Illustration Friday -Vocal

Its been awhile. Lots have things have happend. None of which I can tell you about but trust me when I say that you have not been missing much.
I needed to get back into the grove of things and Illustration friday usually allows me to do so with the different topics.

This weeks topic was 'vocal'. One of the most vocal things in my like right now is the cockatiel that we inherited when my aunt passed away last summer. This bird has quite the personality and has no qualms about speaking up when it wants something. But try and pet it or to bring it out of its cage and the darn thing hisses at you and gives you the death glare to end all death glares.
very quickly done in photoshop cs3. maybe 4 hours? but i did manage to get is gonzo beak. :)

(side note, yes he has a gonzo beak, yes his beak is long, and yes we routinely bring him in to get his beak trimmed and worry over the amount of feathers he looses but we have been assured that he is healthy and happy and we are doing everything for him)