Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time for a quick update.

I found out Sunday that 2 visiting artists were coming to the school, and that one was looking at portfolios. Since I found this out last minute, I quickly went through all my computer files and anything that I hadn't yet scanned and came up with 8 good images. Dropped the portfolio off on Monday and today I went and saw their morning presentation. It was a major relief to hear from two established artists that their can be a lot of fear involved in the process of starting out and making a name for yourself.

Tonight I have the lovely task of printing out even more stuff to get ready for an art show at a local place in Old Town Arvada called the D-note. [good food, and depending on who's playing good music.]

Projects that i'm currently working on:
- Carousel, a children's book that I need to tweak the writing on and have started preliminary sketches for layout. I hope to try and get it published by sometime later this year or next.

- Star Wars alphabet. This was inspired by not only my love of Star Wars but my nephews as well...if all go's they way I have it envisioned it might be turned into a quilt, stay tuned for sketchs.

- Website re-build. This will be the third and hopefully last time that i rebuild this sucker for awhile, i'm not happy with the layout in some areas and the factor the depending on who or what is viewing it, it gets all skewed. I also want to make it simpler to navigate and find things. I have everything planned out, and will begin the making and coding process tomorrow.

-I need to finish digitally painting a sculpy model, and then finally update not only my website vy my deviant-art accounts as well.

I do have one question how many people would be interested in this weekly comic i've been working on called 'What Nutz'?

Have to go and buy some ink, write to you all later. [next update with have sketch book pages as soon as my scanner quits acting up i promise.]