Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Pieces

So a new year has begun, and apart from working extra hours at my job and now teaching art to kindergartners and preschoolers life itself has been busy. But I was able to finish two art pieces, one was started back in 2011 and the other I started back in January.

The one back in 2011 was based off of a lot of frustration and anger that I had been feeling due to a lot of artistic block as well as outside influences. This was done in photoshop cs3. it started as a piece for anger and quickly began to take form to the frustration that I was feeling. If you have ever been frustrated about something that you have no control over then you can understand the feeling of being bound and unable to move.
take from it what you will.

The one that I started back in January and then had to be shelved is my raven. I have a love of ravens and elephants and always love to draw them. We have had such strange weather in colorado for the past few months. Some days its late 60's to early 70's, and then others it barely goes over 30 degrees. On the days when it snows the urge to make a snow fort and a calvin and hobbes style snowmen is very strong. On days when it is nice and sunny the urge to clean out the garden and start planting and planning things is also very strong. The is the longing for spring, and the hope that it will soon be hear.
Please comment and if you have a critique please share and thank you.