Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Job Hunting

For those not in the know I have been job hunting.

I have worked for 7+ years part-time at a local school providing after school care, before school care, substitute teacher, and as a float in the classrooms. While I have had many fond memories of working at this school and am very thankful that they hired me when no one else would take the chance when I was 18 [I was trying to avoid fast food] I want something new.

So I thought I would type down what I am basically looking for and maybe someone reading this might have a tip for me.

I am looking for a job that will pay at least 25,000-35,000 a year [or more if you wish].
I want something were I can work on a team and have some input and
I would love to be in the creative field [Dream job would be working for one of the studios designing characters and concept art.]
I am an artist and really want a job that is able to reflect that.

So what can I offer to the person or company hiring me? Plenty, let me prove it.

I work hard and with a lot of focus. As soon as I know what is expected of me I jump and make sure that it is done in a timely manner but also so that it is done right the first time. I can take and give direction really well and I actually like constructive criticism. Especially if it improves the work that I am doing. I have worked in a team environment for years, but also solo when it comes to making art so either way is fine for me.

I can work both digitally and traditionally. I have working knowledge of PC and MAC systems as well as photoshop, illustrator, word, excel and indesign. I also know most if not all the art supplies by heart because I have used them many times.

I already have plans in the future for when i finally get that full-time job; like send gifts/ thank you's to the people who brighten and inspire my day, get the WII and the PS3, etc. Mainly I really want a full time job so that I will be able to support myself while not being a burden on others. I want to be proudly say that I earned the money for that.

If any one has a suggestion let me know and I will try and re-pay that kindness. Have a good night and rest of the week. -Michelle

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